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Welcome to The Boondocks the best wedding event and party venue located in the heart of downtown Youngsville. In the early 1900s, The Boondocks building was built to be used as a livery. The structural beauty of the arches were perfectly designed for the ebb and flow of the horse drawn carriages. In the 1950s, the Town of Youngsville used the building for its fire station. Years later, in the 1980s, the building was bought and named The Boondocks where it served as an auction house in town.

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This beautiful structure has been empty for decades but it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Local investors bought the vacant Boondocks building in 2013 with a dream of restoring it to its former glory. The owners were careful to maintain the integrity of The Boondocks in order to preserve its charming, historical feel. Now The Boondocks is fully restored and equipped to host your wedding ceremony or wedding reception, along with a myriad of other events! This building that was once vacant has now been redeemed and given purpose.

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